Hopper Disassembler 3 Info/News?

Does anyone know anything about the progress on Hopper 3? It has been around for ages but there does not seem to be any crack out there yet. Even worse, it does not allow to disassemble itself and appears to be moderately protected against class-dump – apparently above my experience level as for now.

So where are the hard-core geeks? Is there a gentlemen’s agreement between the scene and bSr43? Sorry, 65€ is a bit too much for occasional use for the common good, though the demo is certainly very generous given the quality of the software.

@maldynado juts give me the answerd:

I’m a big Hopper fan as well on the occasion I have to use it.

It is a bit strange the scene hasn’t released any kind of crack, though I’m not sure I buy the gentleman’s agreement theory.

You can use Hopper 2 to disassemble Hopper 3, but as you say, there is a bit of obfuscation so it doesn’t do much good. I did recently take a closer look and managed to dump some of the classes, so maybe there is something there when I get a chance to go back and dig deeper.

Anyway, it is still massively useful even with the demo limitations, though I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gotten caught out doing something just as the 30 minutes are up.

Heh, pretty funny how we have this thread and just days later, Hopper 3 crack released

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