#AboutMovie – Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalke 2019

I have next to no hope for this movie. The last one was so terrible I had a hard time believing it. Disney all but ruined Star Waes with their “it has to please everyone” attitude.

Their constant re-writes and shuffling of directors who were removed due to “creative differences” goes to show you how much better these three films could have been if they were left in the hands of artists and not amusement park owners trying to squeeze as much money from the Star Wars brand as possible. Fuck Disney.

Read a neat theory on Reddit that “The Last Jedi” followed by “Rise of Skywalker” could mean that Rey is not a Skywalker by blood, but that “Skywalker” is the title of the teachings from Luke and the name that will carry forward now that the “Jedi” are gone. So she’s not a Skywalker by blood, but the first “Skywalker”, the evolution of the more traditional “Jedi”.

I dont believe Ren was the only one saying let it all die…… Luke was saying the jedi are a failure…which was a preety amazing thing for him to say seeing as how he saved his own father from the dark side. Not much failiure in that. Then he blows off Rey mentioning that to him. Truly bizarre writing. Its no wonder Mark Hamill hated the movie.

They just want to bring us old folks back by showing Lando, Leia, and Lukes voice over. It will be interesting to see how much money it gets. Episode 8 was truly one of the strangest movies I’ve ever seen.

I am so tired of the cesspool that Star Wars “fandom” has become. Just take your stupid outrage and get the fuck out of here already.

You guys are like grandparents that go on hour-long “back in my day” rants every time they hear a modern song because all music is terrible now. So you don’t like Star Wars anymore, get the fuck on with your life.

The Jedi were categorically a failure, I don’t know how you could possibly argue otherwise. They failed, hard. Being successful in turning his father back from the dark side does not mean the Jedi Order did not fail.

It’s funny how people still think the movie was good when Hamill himself warned us about it and didnt like it. It makes no sense for someone who saved his father from evil, thinks that way of thinking was a failure.

Maybe if some other jedi made that argument it would make just a bit more sense? But Luke making that argument is just stupid. Then his reaction to Rey bringing up saving his father was inexplicable. But go on defend the shit movie.


  1. I know what you mean, but it has to be said that watching the last Jedi with your brain switched on (and I also recognise a lot of people like to switch off the noggin when watching a flick, view it your way) absolutely killed the last movie for anyone who really enjoys world building and things that generally make sense without you having to do mental gymnastics and writing your own scenes to even remotely try and explain some of the things we witness.

    I am one such person, I know movies are make believe etc but I do still like rules and boundaries for characters, the struggle for them to get from beginning to end is where the story really gets told for me.

    Unfortunately these Disney movies are very much setup for the on screen spectacle and nothing else (which is also fine for those that like those things), they happily rewrite the lore of the OT just to setup a neat visual without any real explanation.

    I won’t go on because you know where I stand and probably have already dismissed me as “one of them” but, it has to be said, to tell a large group of people that they should just shut up and accept the standard of today’s story telling and not pressure the film industry for better, just because “you don’t want to listen to it” or “It was good for me” seems a little unfair and sort of like something the category of people you are describing might do to you.

    We all spent our money equally!

    1. I can’t say I noticed scenes that wouldn’t make sense or deny one another. I saw VIII once, gotta rewatch soon, but that’s what I remember. For example the scene with Leia in the space, it made perfect sense to me. Or why Luke denied the Jedi teachings and got bitter (not that I like that storyline, but I respect and understand why they chose it — nobody will take away the Legends books I love). I’m pretty sure there was a reason for Snoke’s premature demise too, even if it was what we wanted to see Vader do to Emperor in old trilogy (like he told Padmé he would).

  2. That could make a great spin-off series.
    I’m still behind on Rebels and the other lesser series.

    It would actually be great to see another RPG, in the spirit of KotOR.

    Hell, once the trilogy is complete, I’d love to see mods for the existing KotOR’s to rework the whole game in the spirit of this Skywalker teaching.
    Favorite part of the last episode was when Luke said “It’s time for the Jedi to end”.

    After watching so many movies and series, and playing the games, you really have to admit: There is no shadow if there is no light.
    Get rid of the Jedi Order and no one will feel like they need to reign superior over the universe because someone said ‘no’.
    It’ll just be usual threats around the universe.

    On that note, the future needs a lot more Mandalore.

  3. She seems a little over powered for my liking, by the end of the last movie she had demonstrated that there was no need to flee, she has the power to pretty much lift an ATAT and let gravity do the rest, levitate a bunch of rocks into the path of fighters etc etc. There is no one to stand in her way at this point without some plot twist coming in to either, rid her of her powers, or go the route of irresistible force meets immovable object.

    I guess that’s entertaining for some, but to me it just seems that, at this point, any writing of plot that doesn’t address this leaves me to simply keep asking “Well why did she not do xyz then?” “That makes no sense when she could simply squash them etc etc”.

    Couple that to the rest of the last movie where “That makes no sense” was the core phrase of my viewing experience, I have no choice but to conclude that the writing was in my opinion ‘not good’.

    It’s not about hating, it’s like uksquad said, I see a franchise I absolutely loved to bits growing up turn into a nonsensical farce with the only payoff being “pretty pictures”, this doesn’t make me hate, this make me sad. More so when it becomes clear that this is what the majority is calling for more of.

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